About Us

At Ming Yan, we offer premium bird’s nest, sourced directly from our farm to your doorstep. Our product selection is thoughtfully crafted to cater to urban lifestyles, seamlessly blending the time-honoured tradition of this delicacy with contemporary convenience.

The Origin

Our journey began in mid- 2017 with the acquisition of our first swiftlet house nestled in the heart of Sarawak, Borneo. After years of dedicated efforts perfecting the ideal living environment for our swiftlets, we proudly own and operate over five swiftlet houses today.

The Process

At our in-house processing facility, our dedicated team takes pride in meticulously cleaning each nest by hand, upholding exceptional standards and purity. We want our customers to receive only the highest quality products.

The Preparation

Each bottle is meticulously prepared and boiled to perfection upon receiving your order. Afterward, it undergoes a careful chilling process to guarantee optimal freshness before being entrusted to our dedicated delivery team, ensuring same- day delivery to your doorstep.